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Luke Terry – Arpora [TBC]Arisen Flame – Never Come Back (Northern Assault Remix) [Only One]Luke Terry featuing Tiff Lacey – The Last Farewell [Addictive Global]Luke Terry – Tears of Disbelief [SPX Digital]Luke Terry – Slipping Sideways [SPX Digital]Luke Terry – Using Me Using U [SPX Digital]Luke Terry – Grey to Green [Nu-Depth Recordings]Northern Assault – Blue Moon [TBC]Northern Assault – Cloud 9 [TBC]Northern Assault – Washed Away [TBC]Northern Assault – Wait & See [TBC]Captured Sun – Fable [TBC]Feeltz & Luke – Untitled [TBC]Luke Terry – Warning: Contains Trance [TBC]Hodel & Terry – Impact [Addictive Global]Hodel & Terry – Unearthed [Addictive Global]Hydrolyzed – Escape From Antarctica [Addictive Global]Hydrolyzed – Catanic [Addictive Global]Hydrolyzed – Rocket Theory [Addictive Global]Hydrolyzed – Veritas Lux Mea [Addictive Global]Thomas Coastline – Beyond Expression [Luke Terry Remix] [Unearthed Records]Corderoy – At Night (Luke Terry Remix) [Mondo]Luke Terry – East of the Sun and West of the Moon [Mondo]Paul Gibson & Luke Terry – Nothing [TBC]Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak feat. Tiff Lacey – Lost Love [Alter Ego]Luke Terry & Chris Shepherd – Bad Format [Neuroscience]Feeltz – Wave Lift (Luke Terry Remix) [Unearthed Records]Skycatcher – Ride The Wave [Real Music]Wind & Spirit featuring Lauren – Rising Sun [MPFS]Sunset – Skydiver (Captured Sun Remix) [Nu-Depth]Resinity – When I Was Lost (Hydrolyzed Remix) [TBC]