Ferry Corsten – Right Of Way Deluxe Edition, Flashover Recordingsからリリース予定

URL : http://www.facebook.com/notes/ferry-corsten/ferry-corsten-right-of-way-deluxe-edition-out-soon/461531894075

何故今頃~と思ったんですが、確かこれTsunami Records時代の最後のアルバムでしたね。
Armin van Buurenみたいに権利買い取ったんでしょうか。
Holding On (Above & Beyond Remix)とか当時Vinylでしか買えなかったし…。

01. Sublime (feat. The Thrillseekers)
02. Whatever!
03. Rock Your Body, Rock
04. Right Of Way
05. Kyoto
06. Holding On (feat. Shelley Harland)
07. Sweet Sorrow
08. Hearts Connected (feat. Jodie Kean)
09. Punk
10. It’s Time (feat. Esmee Bor Stotijn)
11. Show Your Style (feat. Birgit Schuurman)
12. Star Traveller
13. Skindeep (feat. Shelley Harland)
14. In My Dreams

Bonus tracks:
01. Punk (Cosmic Gate Remix)
02. Rock Your Body, Rock (F. Massif Remix)
03. Rock Your Body, Rock (Moby Remix)
04. It’s Time (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
05. It’s Time (Luke Slater’s Rockers Shock Remix)
06. Sweet Sorrow (Ferry Corsten Fix)
07. Holding On (Above & Beyond Remix)
08. Star Traveller (Hydroid vs. Zehavi & Rand Remix)
09. Sublime (The Thrillseekers Remix)
10. Whatever! (Marcel Woods Remix)